Life can get busy and while you may do everything you can to keep your smile healthy, there are times and situations where some extra care may be necessary. For example, if you play any kind of sport where there is a chance that you could sustain a blow to the face, if you have noticed damage to your teeth and are not sure why it is happening or if you are dealing with snoring issues, you should talk to us about a mouth guard. Our dentist, Dr.John W. Larson provides the following types of mouth guards in Springfield, Oregon:

If you have been grinding your teeth at night, if you have been keeping yourself or others in your home from getting a healthy night’s rest due to snoring or if you or someone in your family is getting ready for the start of a new sports season, call 541-741-0602 today and make an appointment with Dr. Larson for a custom-made mouth guard. Start protecting your smile and your health when your play and while you sleep, call our office to get ready for your visit.